Orcas from Valdes Peninsula - Patagonia Argentina

Orcas from Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina

Orcas from  Valdes Peninsula - Patagonia Argentina

The Orcas, confused known as Killer Whales, belongs to the dolphins family, the order Cetaceo and sub - order Odontoceti (that means that they have teeth!!) . Is not common to see them alone, the Orcas live and move in families, that group always has a male, some females with their calf. Each female has a baby every 10 years.

orcas - killer whales in Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina

About the size, the males typically range up to 10 mts and weigh up to 8000 KG.The females are smaller, generally ranging up to 7 mts and weighing up to 5000 KG.The calf , if it is Male, will leave the group when it get to mating age. When they are close the age of 15, they have a dorsal fin wich heigh is can be up to 1.80 mts.Its communicate way is auditive through high frequence sounds, wich also help them at the Eco localization.In Valdes Peninsula, Orcas can be seen during their attacks to Sea Lions and Elephant seals in Punta Norte and Caleta Valdes.

 They also feed themselveswith fishes, penguins, sea turtles, etc. There are Orcas in every ocean, the ones which can be seen in our area are world known because their particular way of hunting.Is good to know that the orcas does not attack humans, or land fauna....its diet is based just marine!

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