El Doradillo beach - Shore Whale watching season , Valdes Penisula near from Puerto Madryn

Watch Whales from the coast in Valdes Penisula
Whale watching season near Puerto Madryn

El Doradillo Beach, belongs to the beaches near Puerto Madryn are. It is located right before the Istmo Ameghino ( the Isthmus that links the peninsula with the continental region) and has quiet, not too deep waters. If you come to Puerto Piramides from Puerto Madryn, you can drive along this beach where you can also be able to see the whales from shore. In fact El Doradillo Beach is the best place in Patagonia to watch southern rights from shore.

Whale watching season, Valdes Penisula near from Puerto MadrynWhen you start leaving Puerto Madryn towards the North by Ruta Provincia nÂș1, right after the Fisheries and Aluar (company of aluminum), turn to your right. Do not expect for a luminous sign, or similiar, there is barely a small green sign which indicates El Doradillo. ¡Pay Attention!

Whale watching beach , Valdes Penisula near from Puerto Madryn
El Doradillo is a Protected Natural Area, that has several kilometers and where during Whales Season is not allowed to swim in. It is an area assigned to protect the whales, and is a place very important during their first month of life.
Watch Whales from the coast in Patagonia Argentina
These beaches are chosen by mothers and their calves. Although the two Valdes Peninsula gulfs are great for maternity because of the calm of its waters.

At this time of the year it´s possible to observe from the coast more than 30 whales with their calves. Is really hard to explain by words how amazing is to be close to these giants, sometimes few meters from the beach as you can see in the images.
These beaches, 11 in a row, are perfect for those travellers who want to drink some mates, snacks, next or in the car watching the whales, is the right season!!

Watch Whales from the coast in Patagonia Argentina

Puerto Madryn municipality is resposible for the area cleaning; it has trash cans and chemical toillets.
El Doradillo is unbelievable during Whales Season, specially from Julio to October, when there are more whales.
If you come by car, you can´t miss this place.

Watch Whales from the beach in Valdes Peninsula
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