The only ATM cash machine in Valdes Peninsula – Puerto Piramides.

Puerto Piramides  ATM in Peninsula Valdés
Just to the side of Whale Avenue and across from our tiny police station in Puerto Piramides is the only ATM machine in the entire Valdes Peninusla. From this booth it is only possible to make extractions and remember that in Puerto Piramides very few businesses have Posnet and the ability to accept credit cards. There are several options for banks and ATM in Trelew and Puerto Madryn, but once traveling in the Peninsula the only option is in Puerto Piramides. Also remember that the service station in Piramides offers the only option for fuel within the nature reserve.
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Puerto Piramides  ATM in Peninsula Valdés
If planning on touring the Peninsula to the areas of Punta Norte, Caleta Valdes or the Punta Delgada Light-House and plan on eating, do not forget to carry cash. Punta Norte offers a few options such as sandwiches and something to drink, but only during Orca season from February through April. The Elvira Estancia in Caleta Valdes has a restaurant and the last option is another restaurant at Punta Delgada. Due to logistics, service costs and lack of competition, prices are much higher within the Peninsula and only cash is accepted, but I assure you that when the time comes hunger will outweigh your wallet.

At Del Nomade Eco-Hotel your stay and any other purchases can be made by credit card but it will still be necessary to carry cash for any other activities in town. The ATM machine is located just 50mt and across the street from Del Nomade Eco Hotel and is open 24hs.
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