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In del Nomade Eco-Lodge, we offer to you a comfortable and enjoyable stay. We know many tourism service providers, for each step of your trip to Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina. Feel free to contact us for anything you need, we will be glad to help you providing you all the information to plan a wonderful trip. Puerto Piramides is the only port in Argentina that offers Whale Watching tours. Nautical Tours are also offered, Kayak excursions, Scuba Diving. Enjoy Tours around Peninsula Valdés, visiting Penguins, Sea Lions, Elephant Seals, Orcas area, Guanacos, Choiques and many animal species, more. We are where the adventure begins.


Summer Beach, Puerto Piramides and Puerto Madryn in Valdes Peninsula

Summer Beach,  Puerto Piramides Valdes Peninsula in Patagonia ArgentinaSummer Beach  Puerto Piramides and Puerto Madryn in Peninsula Valdes

Peninsula Valdes tourist destination in summer, has 2 very different urban centers with extensive beaches both. A different concept well defined between each of them, created primarily by population density.

Summer Beach,  Puerto Piramides Valdes Peninsula
Puerto Piramides, in Peninsula Valdes Nature Reserve, preserves the spirit of a tourist village with only 500 inhabitants and 500 hotel rooms and campsites, offers tranquility in a natural setting created by the bay that contains the main beach. Few people, much peace and nature, restaurants and bars.

Summer Beach,  Puerto Piramides Valdes PeninsulaPuerto Madryn, a city of 80,000 inhabitants, however, offers a broader range of services, with its cinemas, theaters, streets, hotels, bars and restaurants. A thriving nightlife and social. Kayaking, snorkeling with sea lions can be made in the 2 destinations.

Summer Beach, Puerto Madryn  Valdes Peninsula
Summer Beach,  Puerto Madryn Valdes PeninsulaIn recent years, Puerto Madryn has become an obligatory stop for cruise ships head to Ushuaia or other places in southern Chile. You may see these giants, moored at the pier near the city.

Summer Beach,  Puerto Madryn  Valdes Peninsula If the cruise is great, use the Aluar dock with a capacity for deeper draft boats.
2 options in the same golf and different places for summer holidays to pure sun sea and sand.

Summer Beach, Puerto Madryn  Valdes PeninsulaFinally, if you are thinking of coming to Puerto Piramides in Patagonia Argentina, please dont hesitate and ask us for accommodation and activities, we´ll be glad to help you! You can email us at: delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar
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