Orcas Season in Punta Norte Peninsula Valdes

Orca whales season in Punta Norte
               Orcas Season in Punta Norte Peninsula Valdes

We are witnessing a slow beginning of a new Orca whales season in Punta Norte, some times Nature in such a magnificent event like this one, the technique of intentional stranding on the beach that these marine mammals have been developed on the beaches of Punta Norte, Valdes Peninsula, helps us to practice patience and perseverance, characteristics that rarely practiced by humanity in these times which seems to run faster than the story itself.

Orca whales season in Punta NorteMany tourists, unfortunately, have not had the opportunity to see them in action. Luckily today and to raise the overall morale of the followers and fans, the persevering and lucky visitors saw a group of orcas that have passed several times in front of the viewpoint at Punta Norte. They made no attempts to attack, but this reminds us that the peak of the season which is between 21 March and 4 April is coming and we must not lose opportunity to be present in the right place and at the right time.
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