Peninsula Valdes between the best spots for whale watching

the best spots for whale watching

In the canadian site shawconnect there are one article about the best spots for whale watching around the world and this is what they said about our special place ¨ Located just outside of Puerto Madryn in Puerto Piramides, Peninsula Valdes is known to host one of the largest breeding populations - clocking in at around 2,000 species in past years.¨ If you want to red the full article you can enjoy more information.

 whale watching in Peninsula Valdes

The best spots for 


If you decide to come and visit the Patagonia Argentina Peninsula Valdes,  you can e-mail for inquiries and reservations to delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar and note that we made the reservations for whale watching tours, other adventure activities and rental cars,without extra charge.
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