National Geographic - Orcas- Posts 3

National Geographic Orcas in Patagonia
orcas attack in patagonia
National Geographic waiting the orca attack
National Geographic in the lodge

The first day the National Geographic crew left the lodge too early, getting to Punta Norte exactly before the high tide. The orcas usually attack few hours before and few hours after the high tide, the reason is that by that way they can do its intentional stranding without being in a risk .

At the lodge we were waiting for them!
As soon as they crossed the main door, we knew that they succeeded. See their faces was enough to know that they got what they expected (and even more). They had the chance to see Mel, a orca male older than 45 years, attacking more than 10 times. The daylight was perfect for the work.
For the orcas and photographers was a nice day, but it was not for the sea lions.
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