Reaching Puerto Piramides and Valdes Peninsula by bus from Trelew or Puerto Madryn. Only possible with the company Mar y Valle

Bus station Puerto MadrynMar y Valle is the only public transportation company with a regular schedule to Puerto Piramides, the only town in the entire Valdes Peninsula. Buses leave from the station in Trelew, stopping at the station in Puerto Madryn after a one hour trip, to then continue on to Puerto Piramides. The buses making this journey are few and vary depending on the season and day of the week. On the weekends there is just one bus leaving early in the morning from Trelew and returning in the evening, always passing through the station at Puerto Madryn. When arriving to the Peninsula, the bus will make an obligatory stop at the “El Desempeno”, the official entrance to the nature reserve where an entrance fee is required. Bus station Puerto MadrynDuring the weekdays there are three trips made to and from  Puerto Piramides with a difference of a few hours between each trip. Here are the telephone numbers for the Mar y Valle offices at the bus stations in Trelew (0280) 447-2056 and in Puerto Madryn (0280) 443-2429, for more exact information about the bus schedule to and from the Peninsula to better organize the days you wish to visit or spend the night in Puerto Piramides. lokers in the Bus station Puerto Madryn The bus station in Puerto Madryn is a new facility and long distance buses arrive from all over the country with varying frequency depending on the company. The station has lockers for safe storage of your bags and backpacks, allowing for unencumbered exploration of the city while waiting for your bus. This station also has a system for trash separation, a step in the right direction and an example to follow. Tips Bus station Puerto MadrynWhen entering the Valdes Peninsula by bus, an obligatory stop is made at  “El Desempeno” where a Park Entrance Fee will be collected; the Price varies depending on age and origin. Here I have provided a link to better understand the entrance fees for the Valdes Peninsula Protected Nature Reserve.
 Bus station Puerto PiramidesHotel in Puerto Piramides Peninsula Valdes
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