Traveler’s Guide to Valdes Peninsula

APP Traveler’s Guide to Valdes Peninsula

A traveler’s Guide to Valdes Peninsula offers a virtual understanding of the most important Coastal Nature Reserve in all of Argentina, from the comfort of your cell phone or other portable device.
This application will become your constant traveling companion. You will be taken from it to Business and Services of Puerto Madryn and Puerto Piramides, many of them with special discounts for users of the APP.
Airline / Change-Currency - Bank / Travel Agency / Activities-Adventure / Coffee Shops / Pharmacies / Hospitals / Clinics / Photography / Property-Rent-Sale / Restaurants / Clothing-Camping Adventure / Kiosk-Souvenirs / Supermarkets / Transport / Theatres / Cinemas / Museums / Various services for the traveler / For those who travel by car. 
Within this region are 6 intangible natural areas and one of the most, if not the most, important places in the world for whale watching. This APP will become an inseparable travel companion with daily weather forecasts, tide tables, wind velocity, times and locations for the rising and setting of both the sun and moon, as well as various articles and a wildlife calendar with the when and where for wildlife observation during the different seasons of the year. A brief history of Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Piramides, public access beaches, available services and activities for tourists and adventurers a like and more information, all in the palm of your hand. 
APP Traveler’s Guide to Valdes Peninsula

Illustrated with more than 800 photographs, 3D panoramic views and dozens of incredible videos of whales, orcas and other dolphins, sea-lions, elephant seals, penguins, guanacos, choiques and more converts this APP into an interactive guide for adventure in Peninsula Valdes.
APP Traveler’s Guide to Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina

Also included are Photo Tips: Information and advice to anticipate the situation and be prepared when the time comes to photograph maritime wildlife. The articles grouped together in the Photo Tips Tab is an attempt to convey my knowledge and experience as a nature and wildlife photographer, primarily in the maritime environment of Peninsula Valdes, over the last several decades.
APP Traveler’s Guide to Valdes Peninsula Photography

 Accompanying this APP are interviews with many of the colorful characters that have made this destination one full of historical anecdotes.  Park Rangers, Biologists, Seasoned Guides, Wildlife Photographers and others share their experiences, studies and situations, unveiling an infinite registry conserved in the arid solitude of the Patagonian Steppe.
Aventura y Turismo en la Guia de Península Valdés

Maps and useful suggestions will make your visit run smoothly when the time comes for travel throughout Peninsula Valdes, as well as links to important information about the weather conditions, tides, road conditions, sunset and moonrise and more. Spaces are vast in Patagonia and distances are long. With this tool you will know what to expect and be able to prepare for the experience.
Mapas y Guiadas por Península Valdés

Together with technical experts we have developed an entertainment section in this APP to make the long distances more enjoyablePuzzles with images of animals and landscapes from Peninsula Valdes as well as musical games with a band of musicians made up of different animals of the peninsula and more to come as we continue to develop other ideas as we continue to update this APP. 
Juegos para el viaje en la Aplicacion de Península Valdés
A business guide accompanies this APP to assist while in Puerto Madryn and Puerto Piramides, with your location in “Street View” and web for rapid access. Some of the businesses represented offer discounts for users of the Peninsula Valdes APP. 
As a traveler and nature lover, I would recommend a minimum stay of 4 days and 3 nights to take advantage of what Peninsula Valdes has to offer. The moment and occasion deserve the time needed for a relaxed and enjoyable experience, one immersed in a natural setting like few places in our world. In the end, after such a long journey, arriving at place so beautiful and unique, a place that invites you to witness some of the most uncommon representations of nature, is an experience that doesn’t occur every day.

Descuento en Hotel y Posada en Puerto Pirámides Península Valdés
From the APP you can access Premium Discounts at DelNomade Ecological Hotel and De Luna Hostel in Puerto Piramides… my place in Valdes Peninsula.

Valdes Peninsula: Location, Size and other information

The Valdes Peninsula is an unusually shaped outcropping of land that extends out from the continent connected by a narrow isthmus. Located in the province of Chubut, along the Atlantic coast of Patagonia, the peninsula has close to 6.625 square kilometers. The region harbors several species of maritime animals, among them are the Southern Right Whale, Dusky Dolphins, Orcas, Magellanic Penguin colonies, Sea Lions and Southern Elephant Seals. While this is a State Nature Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage site it is NOT an untouchable, entirely protected park. Several commercial activities exist throughout the peninsula, the primary of which being sheep herding and the wool industry, actively carried out by the 56 private Estancias or Ranches since the early 1900s.
For many travelers around the world, a visit to Valdes Peninsula, a unique and truly amazing place of unequalled nature, means reaching ones goal. Observing whales in their natural environment is a privilege that occurs daily in the peninsula, and is just one of the many incredible species that spend time here. An almost unexplainable maritime wildlife sanctuary, dozens of whales are born along the coast of Peninsula Valdes each Southern Fall and can be observed daily from the beach.
Guanaco cerca de Puerto Pirámides en Península Valdés
Valdes Peninsula is located along the South Atlantic coast and is one of the most emblematic landscapes of coastal Patagonia, with the addition of an extraordinary and diverse collection terrestrial wildlife. Choiques (Darwin’s Rhea), Guanacos, Maras, Grey Fox, Patagonian Skunks and many others share space in this World Heritage site, where hunting is strictly prohibited and conservation and protection is par for the course for all of the local species.
Pngüinos en la Patagonia Argentina Península Valdés
The tiny town of Puerto Piramides, the only town in Valdes  Peninsula , with a population of around 500 is the only port authorized for whale watching tours in the entire peninsula. Here travelers will find several small restaurants and Del Nomade Eco Hotel, the first eco-friendly hotel applying reusable energy in Argentina and the first to win the Green-Hotels of Argentina competition.
Mapa de Península Valdés Hostería Ecológica

Flights to Valdes Peninsula: Argentine Airlines, Andes Airlines and LADE Airlines Airports: Trelew and Puerto Madryn

 I have published the different Airlines that offer regular flights to Valdes Peninsula. The only two airports in the area are those of Trelew and Puerto Madryn.
Aeropuerto Tehuelche Puerto Madryn Península Valdés
Once your flights are established, I recommend you RECONFIRM your flight times several hours before, on both your arrival and departure. Paying attention to this detail can guarantee a comfortable vacation free from surprises.
Aerolineas Argentinas vuelos a Trelew Península Valdés
Los datos web de . La Representación en Puerto Madryn se encuentra en Av. Roca 427 Teléfono: 
Atención: Lun. a Vie. de 9:00 a 12:30 hs. - 16:00 a 20:00 hs. / Sáb. de 9:00 a 13:00 hs.
Argentine Airlines ( Aerolineas Argentinas ) contact information: In Puerto Madryn their offices are found at 427 Roca Avenue, Telephone: 0810-222-VOLAR(86527)FAX: 0280-445-1998 Call Center: 0810-222-VOLAR(86527) Attention: Monday through Friday 9am-12:30 and 16:00-20:00 / Saturdays 9am-13:00
Aeropuerto Tehuelche Puerto Madryn Península Valdés
The company that offers the most frequent flights to Trelew is Aerolineas Argentinas, with arrivals and departures to and from Jorge Newberry Aeroparque airport in Buenos Aires as well as El Calafate in Santa Cruz. Andes Lineas Aereas vuelos a Puerto Madryn Península Valdés

Andes Airlines (Andes Líneas Aéreas ) has its office in Puerto Madryn at 41 Belgrano Street and as well at the Tehuelche Airport in Puerto Madryn. Tel: 0280-2253377. Questions and reservations can be made through this number or at either of the two offices. Aerobar en el Aeropuerto Tehuelche Puerto Madryn Península Valdés
Lade Lineas Aereas del Estado vuelan a Trelew y Puerto Madryn

Another company offering frequent flights the the región is Lade Lineas Aéreas del Estado, with its office located in Puerto Madryn at 119 Roca Avenue. Tel/Fax 0280-4451256 e-mail:

Reaching Puerto Piramides and Valdes Peninsula by bus from Trelew or Puerto Madryn. Only possible with the company Mar y Valle

Terminal de omnibus de Puerto Madryn
Mar y Valle is the only public transportation company with a regular schedule to Puerto Piramides, the only town in the entire Valdes Peninsula. Buses leave from the station in Trelew, stopping at the station in Puerto Madryn after a one hour trip, to then continue on to Puerto Piramides. The buses making this journey are few and vary depending on the season and day of the week. On the weekends there is just one bus leaving early in the morning from Trelew and returning in the evening, always passing through the station at Puerto Madryn. When arriving to the Peninsula, the bus will make an obligatory stop at the “El Desempeno”, the official entrance to the nature reserve where an entrance fee is required. Terminal de omnibus de Puerto Madryn
During the weekdays there are three trips made to and from  Puerto Piramides with a difference of a few hours between each trip. Here are the telephone numbers for the Mar y Valle offices at the bus stations in Trelew (0280) 447-2056 and in Puerto Madryn (0280) 443-2429, for more exact information about the bus schedule to and from the Peninsula to better organize the days you wish to visit or spend the night in Puerto Piramides. Terminal de omnibus de Puerto Madryn The bus station in Puerto Madryn is a new facility and long distance buses arrive from all over the country with varying frequency depending on the company. The station has lockers for safe storage of your bags and backpacks, allowing for unencumbered exploration of the city while waiting for your bus. This station also has a system for trash separation, a step in the right direction and an example to follow. Terminal de omnibus de Puerto MadrynWhen entering the Valdes Peninsula by bus, an obligatory stop is made at  “El Desempeno” where a Park Entrance Fee will be collected; the Price varies depending on age and origin. Here I have provided a link to better understand the entrance fees for the Valdes Peninsula Protected Nature Reserve.

The only Service Station in Valdes Peninsula – Puerto Piramides

Within the entire Valdes Peninsula there is just one service station where fuel can be purchased, located in Puerto Piramides approximately 300 meters from the entrance to our small town, along the right hand side of the main avenue. In the nearby cities of Puerto Madryn, Trelew and along the Nacional Highway 3, there are various options for fueling up, but within the Nature Reserve, only one.
To make a short tour of Valdes Peninsula, from the entrance to the park and back again is a minimum of 200km. Keep in mind that it is best to fill your tank before venturing into the gravels road, and especially if you will be returning to Puerto Madryn or Trelew at the end of the day. Once along the gravel road that leads to Punta Norte, Punta Delgada or Caleta Valdes there are is no access to fuel, for this reason it is recommended filling up in Puerto Piramides.
Always remember to travel carefully and to respect road signs and transit information to enjoy your tour without any setbacks. The local wildlife can and probably will cross the road without warning. Be attentive, respect wildlife and appreciate this adventure with time on your side. This amazing wildlife paradise allows you to feel an integral participant, especially if you allow yourself to travel with the natural rhythm of your surroundings.

The only ATM cash machine in Valdes Peninsula – Puerto Piramides.

Puerto Piramides  ATM in Peninsula Valdés
Just to the side of Whale Avenue and across from our tiny police station in Puerto Piramides is the only ATM machine in the entire Valdes Peninusla. From this booth it is only possible to make extractions and remember that in Puerto Piramides very few businesses have Posnet and the ability to accept credit cards. There are several options for banks and ATM in Trelew and Puerto Madryn, but once traveling in the Peninsula the only option is in Puerto Piramides. Also remember that the service station in Piramides offers the only option for fuel within the nature reserve.
Puerto Piramides  ATM in Peninsula Valdés
If planning on touring the Peninsula to the areas of Punta Norte, Caleta Valdes or the Punta Delgada Light-House and plan on eating, do not forget to carry cash. Punta Norte offers a few options such as sandwiches and something to drink, but only during Orca season from February through April. The Elvira Estancia in Caleta Valdes has a restaurant and the last option is another restaurant at Punta Delgada. Due to logistics, service costs and lack of competition, prices are much higher within the Peninsula and only cash is accepted, but I assure you that when the time comes hunger will outweigh your wallet.

At Del Nomade Eco-Hotel your stay and any other purchases can be made by credit card but it will still be necessary to carry cash for any other activities in town. The ATM machine is located just 50mt and across the street from Del Nomade Eco Hotel and is open 24hs.

The Ecocentro Museum in Puerto Madryn brings us closer to the sea.

 The Ecocentro in Puerto Madryn is definitely a place to be visited and to better understand and enjoy the nature of the sea in the context of Valdes Peninsula and coastal Patagonia. Opened at the beginning of this new millennium, the Ecocentro has space for several exhibitions including life-size replicas of local maritime animals, thematic and interactive displays about the tides, maritime wildlife and much more. The Ecocentro also offers many conferences and changing exhibitions raising consciousness on the need to protect the sea and the maritime environment.
The Ecocentro is not only a tourist attraction but is also regularly visited by locals looking for more knowledge about the little understood maritime environment that surrounds us.
Lugares magazine named the Ecocentro as the best Argentine museum in the year 2006. Beautifully displayed models produced by well-known artists are just another aspect that assists the imagination as you are immersed in the oceanic animal realm. Some of the lifesize models include Penguins, Sea Lions, Dolphins and a famous Orca from the local population called Mel.
Schools from all over the province of Chubut, as well as other provinces, visit the Ecocentro each year. The students enjoy not only the museum but also the surprising and magical experience of their first real encounter with the sea.
There is also a game room for children with educational and interactive displays, games and books. A space of understanding and well diagramed education provides enjoyment for the entire family. The entire museum was built with a specific concept maintained with its luminous design and panoramic windows looking out over the ocean. There is a small bar/café inside offers coffee, tea and pastries as well a souvenir shop.
If you pass through Puerto Madryn while visiting in whale season, orca season or during summer vacations, take the time to visit this beautiful museum and all that it has to offer. Keep in mind that the museums hours change depending on the season. For more information visit this link: Open Hours.

Natural Science and Oceanographic Museum – Chalet Pujol in Puerto Madryn.

The Pujol Chalet or Castle is one of the first buildings ever to be constructed in the city of Puerto Madryn, built more tan one hundred years ago by Agustin Pujol, a Spanish businessman who had arrived in Argentina several decades before. After his death and that of his wife, the family decided to donate the house for use as a Natural Science and Oceanographic Museum.
Located on a hill overlooking the sea, this bastion of local architecture contains 9 different rooms distributed amongst three floors where different aspects of nature are represented: Marine Mammals, Invertebrates, Fish, Geology, Paleontology, Birds, Pinnipeds, Botany, Oceanography and Welsh Colonization.
Many of the displays contain dried and preserved animals with information about each, identifying and explaining pertinent information about each species. A Choique (Darwin’s Rhea), a Cormorant and several ducks are just a few of the species you will observe, but without a doubt the primary attraction is that of a Giant Squid, displayed in the main hall.
Located just a few blocks from the bus station, the exact address is the corner of Domec Garcia Street and Menendez Street and the telephone number is (0280) 445-0533

MEF – Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum in Trelew

Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio - MEF
The Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum, MEF, is a one of a kind center for scientific activities in all of South America. This museum displays a fascinating collection of dinosaur remains, all from the Patagonian region of Argentina.
Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio - MEF
The rich and relatively recent history of the MEF museum shows a deep and permanent commitment in Trelew for the exhibition of the amazing and unique paleontology of the region. The passion and delicate production in each and every display, whether scientific or promotional, clearly demonstrates a long term desire to educate the current generation as well as those to come. Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio - MEF If you can make the time, it is more than worth the effort to visit this museum. Experiencing this space, so professional organized, will allow a better understanding and opportunity for imaging this regions past.
Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio - MEF
In 2014 in the province of Chubut they found the fossil remains of the world's largest dinosaur and they will display in this museum. They are preparing a special room to put it. An animal that weighed 80 tons and reached 40 or 45 meters from head to tail, you need a very large space to build it. According to experts this animal was herbivorous and lived in Patagonia some 90 or 100 million years ago. It was found 200 km from the city of Trelew.

Whale birth, a photographic historical document in Valdes Peninsula

Whale birth, a photographic history document in Valdes Peninsula
I want to document a right whale calving !!! It is a phrase that said my friend and colleague Luis Pettitte, for almost a decade and a half, many, many times. I must admit that I constantly dislocated his dream and said, but that's very difficult, almost impossible. Nobody in the world documented whale childbirth. Why you do not ask anything more likely ... But the insistence and perseverance of Luis, old filmmaker who already has spent 20 years navigating the waters of the Golfo Nuevo in the whale watching. He destroyed force statistics, this terrible and constant intervention mine.
Whale birth, a photographic history document in  Puerto Piramides
Between June and July, beginning the first sightings of whale season in Puerto Piramides. Few tourists visit the region, but they are enough to encourage the dynamics of water tours to see the whales. Coincidentally between June and July born in Valdes Peninsula around 200 calves, of which less than 10 are born whites. This combination of sightings, whale births and albinism is rare. It is difficult to see a white calf. It is generally observed a giant whale. It would seem that explodes at any time and the next day she looks decompressed, after the birth of her baby five meters and weighing several tons, swimming next to him, who rarely born white. The amazing thing about this story is witnessing the behavior of birth of a white whale!!! Whale birth, a photographic history document in  Puerto Piramides
On July 2, 2012, it was the day the stars, marked the meeting. A normal tour of Southern Spirit, a typical whale watching tour. A few lucky tourists, Justine Guevara at the helm of the boat, Juan Pablo Martorel as whaling guide and Luis Pettitte, in charge of taking pictures of tourists and marine happenings. No one better than Luis himself to relate the experience of this story:
Whale birth, a photographic history document in  Puerto Piramides
"We are approaching what we thought was a group of mating of whales, and kept safe distance. In the group there was a female accompanied by three other adult whales. It showed the typical avoidance behavior toward males seeking mate, swimming large speed and with heavy breaths, while the other whales were following at a distance. Suddenly the female made a turn, showing a pectoral fin and getting belly up. I photographed the entire sequence, with great surprise I saw through the telephoto lens, the female giving birth to her white calf! That was how I obtained the first images of a southern right whale calving, which these great sea mammals kept secret."
Whale birth, a photographic history document in  Puerto Piramides
"Eight people worldwide were privileged. Surprise, joy, euphoria, adrenaline, complete happiness that we all share this unique moment, being the first humans to witness a secret the nature kept to this day. A southern right whale calving
Whale birth, a photographic history document in  Puerto Piramides
Well, this is a story that could not be left out of the APP Valdes Peninsula. Here is recorded a fact of which I am proud to tell in my handful of friends, that became through hope and perseverance, a dream come true.
Whale birth, a photographic history document in  Puerto Piramides

Orcas killer whale Season Punta Norte, Penguin Season in Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina Whale Watching Season in Puerto Piramides