National Geographic - Orcas - Post 2

National Geographic Orcas in Patagoniaphoto orcas or killer whale
photo sea lions

The Orcas or killer whales attack to elephant seals, and sea lions is a particular behavior of the orcas that live in Peninsula Valdes area.
The National Geographic were working at Punta Norte for many months, the same as Discovery Channel which was filming also the orcas for a work from other point of view, being about the orcas in the world.
The perfect moment to see the orcas in action, is when the young sea lions are grown enough to move by themself, specially near to the water. Every year, from late February to early April Orcas give us a show, the exactly day for the attacks nobody knows. It could be one every week, or could be 7 attacks in a row with more than 10 intentional stranding per day. The same situation happen in Caleta Valdes during October.
People from National Geographic arrived to our lodge on March 24th, and the stayed til April 14th.
We are dedicating these lines in our blog to Doug, Ralph, Andy and Segundo who were working to show this Mankind Heritage to the world.
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