Orcas Season - Photographers

Between March and April for those nature lovers, in Peninsula Valdes, there is no better scene than Punta Norte: the orcas in its feeding process seduced by baby seals, wich after few months from their birth, are more self confidence to move towards the Argentinian Sea and its waves. Natural border between three worlds:the mainland, the light air, wich Eolo often blows it very strong at this latitudes, and the deep blue from where these cetaceos come out.
In this harmonious context hosted by beaches plenty of pebbles, infinitely horizon and marine fauna, photographers and documentalist get together to reach one of the most wanted wild life moments . One of the photographers who has dedicated his time and patience to document the orcas attacks is Andres Bonetti who proudly has lived more than 15 orcas seasons and even more stories behind it. We were last friday with him at Punta Norte, after an "asado" the night before in Puerto Piramides and where he spent a night is our eco-lodge.
Through this blog we invite him to tell us about his work during all these years in Peninsula Valdes, and of course we beg for some photos to post and show this man amazing work! =)
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