Southern Right Whale . Route of the Whales

The Southern Right Whale has a large space in the ocean around where it circulates along its life. The whales that born in the Golfo Nuevo or San Jose do not necessarily return every year to Peninsula Valdes. They have defined all the good zones for their migrations in autumn and summer.

They cross thousands of kilometers in each migration. In autumn during the reproduction period they move towards the North raising the 20 parallel, the northest area where whales are usually seen in groups is in the brazilian coast in South America and between Mozambique and Madagascar Island in Africa.

Also can be found in New Zealand and South Africa. For this season we expect more than 600 whales arrive to Peninsula Valdes, being here the bigger concentration of Southern Right Whales. The Golfo Nuevo and San Jose waters are really attractive for the calves for learn to breathe, and is also interesting for the mating.
During the firsts weeks of december begin the retirement towards the feeding regions around the 55 parallel (Sub Antartica Region), where the water temperature is higher and better for the krill proliferation, main food of these whales.
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