Whale Watching Open Season - 2009

Whale Watching Patagonia Open Season 2009

Whale Watching Peninsula Valdes Patagonia
Whale Watching Peninsula Valdes Patagonia
Whale Watching Peninsula Valdes Patagonia

From today the Whale Watching Season 2009 is officiallly inaugurated, Many were the tourists that reach the WhaleWatching companies in Puerto Pirámides, and do Boat trips (until yesterday) without getting close to the whales-From today just boats from the 6 authorized WhaleWatching Companies and other boats from Diving Companies can legally do whalewatching trips.
If you are thinking to come with your own boat, forget to can sail from Puerto Pirámdes. The sanctions are quiet expensive for the people who does not respect the laws to protect the whales, queens of Peninsula Valdes.
If you feel attract by the idea of visiting the whales in this side od Patagonia, come to enjoy the comfort in our Eco Lodge. If you wish, we can help you with information as schedules, prices and whalewatching companies. Also we do bookings and other tour arrangements with no extra charge, just e mail us delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar
Here we posts one Right Whale Watching video made by Alexis Fioramonti local documentalist from Puerto Piramides Enjoy It!
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