Whale Watching in Patagonia - Whales & More Whales in Valdes Peninsula

Whale watching in  Patagonia Argentina From the animals that lives in Patagonia, the Southern Right Whale is the biggest one in this huge area. There are few animals bigger than the Southern Right Whale an they are others whales, as the Blue Whale wich heights up to 30 meters and weigh some more tons than "our" whale.

Whale watching in Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina To understand what we said you will need to be close to them, and realize that the boats are most of the times shorter that the whale!!
Its tail has the biggest natural strenght over the whole world, it has energy enough to take 3/4 of the whale body out from the water , knowing that the whale weight up to 30 tons it makes hardly to imagine it.

Whale watching in Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina The WhaleWtaching trips on boats, depart only from Puerto Piramides, Peninsula Valdes. Every day there are regular trips of 6 different companies, that invite you to share an unforgettable experience.
Each whalewatching is special, cause it is not a pre established show as in the aquariums, where animals are like slaves and are trainned to do a show. Is nature, the geography, the sea, the wind, every element make from every trip something different.
Whale watching in Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina Those are some of the reasons why from our Eco Lodge we recommend you to do more than one whalewatching trip, is such a great experience that leave the Peninsula doing just one trip seems to be not enough. Remember that you may not come back to this small paradise, and if you do it in summer whales will not be here. WHale Season starts at the end of may and ends by middle december.
Whale watching in Patagonia Argentina If you feel attract by the idea of visiting the whales, we invite you to enjoy our comfortable eco lodge. If you wish, we can assist you about whalewatching schedule, rates, and we can book you seats without additional charge, just feel free to contact us delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar, and we also can help you and giving you all the information about transfers, rent a car, activities as kayak, trekking, diving, and Mountain Bike.
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