Eco Friendy Hotel Del Nomade Eco Hotel - Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina - based in alternatives energies

 Eco-Hotel Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina Eco Friendy Hotel

We are very proud to know that the world trend is to save conventional energy by the generation of renewable ones, for example: Solar Panels, solar power, Biogas, Wind power,thermal insulation, Solar cooking.

All of these were though and created by the man who observe the nature, with an important touch of love, and a little help of many others men.
In our Eco Hotel, we promote the Sustainable development, that means we try to satisfy our actual needs without compromise or take advantages of the future generations requirements.

Eco Friendy Hotel based in alternatives energies

We´ve invested in a system of water reciclying, that means to re-use the water from the taps and the laundry water to irrigate our garden and also to be re-used in the cistern of the toilet.

With low consume light and Leds we reduce the consume in a 90 % and with the underfloor heating wich use gas helped with alternatives energies, we use only 350 w/h. In a short time, our presence in the zone is showing a good impact. By that way, we consume less electric energy , and it can be appreciated comparing with another hotels in the village.

Eco Friendy Hotel based in alternatives energies

We hope everybody adopt this new kind of contribution to our world, living with nature without fighting against it, taking care of it and respect it.
It´s like a dance, where the harmony is maintained by the rhythm of the music. Without harmony, sooner or later the lack of sincronicity is percibed.

We are living the present day where the ecological imbalance are marked and people continue thinking that the fault is from other person.
If you are interested in know how eh ecological concept works, you can take a look to our web site www.ecohosteria.com.ar,
and if you´re in Puerto Piramides, come to see everything we talk about by your own, we will be waiting for your visit.
For doubts or questions, e-mail us at: delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar
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