Southern Right Whales photo-identification - project in Patagonia


This project directed by Alejandro Carribero and assisted by Soledad Lindner, is focused in a intensive sampling in one of the most important distribution areas of whales, Puerto Pirámides, Valdes Peninsula.

The project, wich main challenge is to identify right southern whales from whale watching boats, since it was created is supported by the Ecocentro Foundation. The initiative, that started before the Econcentro Inauguration, is running the 11th work season and has already 1400 whales identified.

whale watching identification Whale in Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina

Every May hundreds of whales arrive to Valdes Peninsula, and stays in its waters until middle December. They chose these coasts for two of the most sensible activities of the cycle of life: to mate and to give birth. And it is exactly the Golfo Nuevo where is located one of the most important areas of southern right whales reproduction.

Patagonia whale photo identification project

The work aboard whalewatching boats from the company Hydrosport as observation platform, allows the team to obtain data about interaction between whales and boats. This season the observation already captured new whales photographically.

Right whale photo-identification project

The investigation group is interested in be able to establish a network with foundations focused in the photo-identification of Southern Right Whales in South Africa, New Zealand and other places where Whales frequents. The goal is to combine efforts and to study the whales displacement throughout the years and the decades, establishing migratory landlords and learning a little more of these huge animals.
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