Punta Norte, Orcas, Sea Lions, Armadillos & Guanacos

Tourists looking for orcas in Punta NorteWe were again visiting Punta norte. The nature conjugates in this corner of the world fusing the patagónica steppe with the Altántico Ocean, meeting between marine and terrestrial animal .

Tourists enjoy the coexistence of the sea lionsTourists enjoy the coexistence of the sea lions. This Orcas season is particularly attractive because the big amount of sea lions there. This year were registered more than 2,000 individuals, among them many young born this year. "A tenderness!" ...that would be a comment from the Orcas about that!!

Punta Norte, Orcas, The possibility of visiting this area in Peninsula Valdes gives us the chance to enjoy life and understand how they live in harem between dominant maies and other ones which want to be like them; females and babies sea lions.

Sea Lions in the border between the sea and the landBy other hand, the Armadillos walk trough the parking area looking for some food from the tourists. This small animals are very fun! The same day you will be able to see an Orca Attack and an Armadillo catching a small lizard.

Armadillo in Punta Norte, exotic animal from patagonia

Armadillo in the parkingAt the same time, the Guanacos also are expecting for the Orcas find the suitable moment for the attack, after all they are the main performers during this time of the year.

Guanaco in Punta Norte Patagonia Argentina
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