The "Attack Channel"in Punta Norte at sunrise in Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina.

The In the breeding colony of Sea Lions in Punta Norte the higth tide is the moment for the orcas to be able to hunt.
There are two higth tides and two low tides per day, with astedy interim period of about 30 minutes. The time of the tide moves about 40 mintutes later than the day before.

The The visit to Punta Norte is directly related to the time of the hight tide. For example last monday April 12th High tide was at 10:13 hs.
The documentalist saw the sunrise on the beach when they were waiting 2 hours before the higt tide. At at 9:00 pm the orcas showed their the typical behavior of intentional stranding 4 times which was successful in 2 occasions capturing sea lions pups.

The The morning hours are generally more productive for the orcas, waking with the light of day the sea lions move from side to side of the beach, playing in the limit of the surf in a quite dangerous zone for those who are not aware.
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