Valdes Peninsula Tourism - Eco tourism a reality apart in Patagonia Argentina

Eco tourism in Patagonia Argentina

Valdes Penisula; the tourist attraction, is a priceless natural resource. Geography, animals, plants, fossils, whale watching, sea lions, orcas, dolphins, flamingos, added to the adventure activities as kayak, dive with sea lions are enjoyed by a particular tourism, eco tourism as a sustainable activity.

Eco tourism in Patagonia Argentina

Eco tourism activities , are a classic tourism stile in Patagonia Argentina, perhaps it is one of the forgotten paradise of humanity and was always so far been maintained almost intact, a little more than one inhabitant per km2 is the density population in this vast land. That´s one reason why Valdes Peninsula is an animal paradise.

We live in this environment of adventure in constant contact with nature. If you feel this tourism style like yours, and this is your destination, please reserve your room and know in advance that you will stay at the Eco Lodge . Note that also we offer a booking service for whale watching, kayaking, diving and other activities free.
Send an email to delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar, If not decided, see our guests in our Guestbook or Tripadvisor
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