Sand from Valdes Peninsula and its hypnotic magic

Sand from Valdes Peninsula and his hypnotic magic
Photographically speaking the sand dunes on the Valdes Peninsula there are very attractive. Those forms that seem capricious, not so, follow the shape imposed by the wind moving them with patience and perseverance.
Sand from Valdes Peninsula and his hypnotic magic
The sand is a set of disintegrated rock particles. In geology called composite sand particles whose size varies between 0.063 and 2 mm. An individual particle in this range is called grain of sand.
Sand from Valdes Peninsula and his hypnotic magic

A dune is an accumulation of sand, generated by the wind, in this case in the coastline. When the wind has a dominant direction, the dunes take the form of a C with the convex side against the prevailing wind. These dunes generally move,pushed by the wind. The speed of advance of the dunes is inversely proportional to its size and the smaller dunes reach the majors, with the merging and that will help increase the size. When the dune reaches a significant size, more than 4 m, begins to detach as many grains of sand at both ends of the C, giving rise to new small dunes, which to be faster than large ones, move away from the dune mother, to achieve more and then continue the cycle.

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