Punta Piramide, present at the Valdes Peninsula´s whales watching

Whale Watching Valdes PeninsulaPunta Piramide it’s the symbol by excellence of Puerto Piramides. In the latest whales watching, whales appeared nearby the town coast, and the ships have past very close to the sandstone and millions years old fossils.

Whale Watching in Patagonia
Punta Piramide and the 132 hectares that surround it, are part of a reservoir created in February 1974, known as Punta Piramides Reservoir. It’s a sea lions breeding colony, and between January and April there can be found more than 2.000 animals, and the rest of the year it’s probably to see some lonely individuals.

Whale Watching in ArgentinaIn the top image, a whale it’s jumping in front of the park ranger’s house , which it’s just 5 km away from Puerto Piramides.

Whale Watching Sunset timeIn the next photo, there’s a distinctive sunset of this little paradise, wrapped of magic in the immensity of Patagonia.
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