Orcas in Peninsula Valdes peak season, between March 21 and April 4

orca in Punta Norte Peninsula Valdes
The orcas season is blurred in Punta Norte, nature in events of this magnitude, such as the intentional stranding who developed these marine mammals, on the beaches of Punta Norte Valdes Peninsula help practice patience and perseverance. Although this year has started strongly.
orcas in Punta Norte Peninsula Valdes

Many tourists have been fortunate to see them in action. Luckily these days, to raise the overall morale of the followers and fans, the persevering and lucky visitors saw a group of orcas spend several times against the viewpoint of the sea lion colony, and make several attacks on consecutive days. While it is good to remember that the highest peak of the season is between between March 21 and April 4, we must not lose chance to appear in the right place at the appropriate days.

sea lions in Punta Norte watching a Big Orca
If you are going to be one of those who will be attending this Orca season, visit this link previously, offered by the Administrator of the protected area and Peninsula Valdes. Note the time of high tide at Punta Norte which varies daily . Orcas if they decide to attack, will most likely do so between the two hours before high tide until 2 hours later, which is the time when the sea rises to the very edge of the sea lion colonies.
Orca attack in Punta Norte Peninsula Valdes

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