Peninsula Valdes Sea lions in numbers - Dive with Sea Lions Video

Valdes Peninsula Sea Lion
Sea lions (Otaria flavescens) are marine mammals that have characteristics common to other mammals, as basic as breast-feed their young or breathe air. But as each species has individuals features in physiology and behavior.
Sea Lion in Valdes Peninsula
The sea lion has a life cycle within the different seasons. In December, the males are grouped into harems of 2-12 females in the breeding and reproduction season. Between January and February pups born.Valdes Peninsula Sea Lion
Between March and May, the puppies are nursing and those who came to reproducirce to Puerto Piramides, sea lions return to their respective colony Punta Alt , Punta Lomo, Punta Ameghino o Las Charas among others, in the Golfo Nuevo. From May to November, females continue breastfeeding their babies and there are no harems. They are excellent freedivers, these animals endure high pressures have been recorded diving to 150 meters deep, or they can be around seven minutes without breathing.
Patagonia Sea Lionin Valdes Peninsula
The male weight 300kg, the female 100 kg and the pup 12kg. The length of a male is 2.3 m, 1.8 m the female, 80 cm the pup. The weight is relatively small when compared with the elephant seal, the male can weigh up to eight times that a male sea lion and be 2 times longer.
Valdes Peninsula Sea Lion
The average lifespan is between 15 and 18 years. They feed mainly on fish, octopus, squid.The male has the neck covered with a mane and are darker.
Valdes Peninsula Sea Lion in Patagonia
Few years ago the authority that manages the resources on the Valdes Peninsula, gave permission to the diving service providers to offer as a new park for this activity, scuba divers with sea lions. Unmissable and unforgettable experience.
dive with Sea Lion peninsula valdes
Watch this video of dive with sea lions at Valdes Peninsula in Patagonia Argentina see if you are tempted to live the experience:
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