del Nómade Eco Lodge Technical Report of The Proyect

Del Nomade Eco Hotel, here in Valdes Peninsula Argentine Patagonia, was awarded with the first prize in the first contest of Green Hotels in Argentina, a recognition that excites us and puts us at the forefront of something that in the future we hope to be common. The conscious use of nonrenewable resources and the use of sustainable technologies puts us in a place of respect for the planet.

Eco Lodge Peninsula Valdes Puerto Piramides
Greenest Hotel in Argentina 2012
The origin of the demanding concept that we apply in Del Nomade Eco Hotel is generated simply by the power of observation.
Enveloped by a magnificent natural landscape, extreme weather, austere nature and scarce resources, we decided to build with creativity and projection, knowing that every item we add to the work should serve to maximize efficiency in the consumption of non-renewable resources. We also seek the flexibility to accept installation of innovative concepts to ensure continuous updating of technology, constantly keeping at the forefront of sustainability, with an investment of just 5% more of the total cost of the building site.

Kayak in Peninsula ValdesNew renewable energy resources are appearing constantly and we want to be able to install, add value to the concept and minimize the footprint that our business inevitably generates. We educate and promote the use of these technologies, so that they can be applied to other ventures, private homes, or any building that requires them.

Sunset in Puerto Piramides
A great achievement is that the Puerto Piramide’s building code was modified based on sustainability parameters introduced by Del Nómade Eco Hotel.
To achieve this goal, we first constructed a building of 400 m2, consisting of a ground floor, first floor and second floor with separate entrance for a private apartment.The heat balance optimization was the first step to prevent heat loss, which is why we started by building solid walls and large windows all sealed with double glazed  to avoid unnecessary heat loss and allow the entry of solar energy as light and heat.

Orcas in Peninsula ValdesThe main entrance has a small hall which is designed so that one door is opened first, then the second one, a layout that significantly reduces the entry of outside air into the building. We knew that to achieve a construction with thermal and luminous environments, we have to guarantee to maintain the internal temperature in the range of temperature between 20 and 24 degrees, without unnecessary losses. In the next articles, we will define the different features we implemented in Del Nomade Eco Hotel.
Orcas killer whale Season Punta Norte, Penguin Season in Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina Whale Watching Season in Puerto Piramides