Eco Lodge in Valdes Peninsula - AIR QUALITY

Eco Lodge in Peninsula Valdes - AIR QUALITY
There are ozonators installed in common areas, a highly recommended element to disinfect and create a sense of freshness and remarkable relaxation.
The text that aroused our interest in this new equipment is referred to here.
Its highly disinfectant property and ability to break down molecules with double bonds and aromatic rings, through a process called ozonolysis, makes ozone the ideal applications for this process.
To comment briefly some of the benefits: Ozone introduced into any environment, performs four basic actions:

Eco Lodge in Peninsula Valdes - AIR QUALITY

A) Microbicide action
The germs remain on all surfaces and fluids, floating in the air associated with dust specks, or in water droplets in suspension. Very often they are responsible for the transmission of many diseases, especially in enclosed spaces where air is not renewed efficiently.
Ozone is considered one of the faster and effective microbicide agents known. Its action has a broad spectrum that includes the elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.
When coughing, speaking, and even breathing, the nasal cavity and mouth release all kinds of germs.
Some, as mentioned above, are left in the air adhering to microscopic water droplets, and others are placed in the floor, furniture, shoes of people, etc. and therefore, transmission can occur by contact or by breathing.
Eco Lodge in Peninsula Valdes - AIR QUALITY

B) Deodorant action
It is one of the best proven properties due to their usefulness in all kinds of public premises and in industrial odors treatment. Ozone has the property of destroying odors directly targeting the cause which create them, without adding any other odor. The cause of the odor is usually the organic matter in suspension or in gaseous form and action of microorganisms on it, as in the case of the typical human odours, sweat, food, etc.
Ozone attacks both causes: firstly, it removes the organic matter by oxidation and ozonolysis, and then removes microbes that feed on the organic matter.
Eco Lodge in Peninsula Valdes - AIR QUALITY

C) Oxygenating action
In closed and poorly ventilated places (such as gyms), it is common to find “dead air”. Ozone, because of its greater oxygenating power, helps to improve the efficiency of the cells of higher organisms in terms of available oxygen utilization by stimulating several enzymes involved in these processes.
Eco Lodge in Peninsula Valdes - AIR QUALITY

D) General decontaminant action
The accumulation of positive charges in indoor environments due to the operation of electrical appliances and plenty of synthetic materials, is a constant assault on people. Ozone’s ability to counter such charges, is logical and intrinsic to the type of chemical reaction which destroys pollutants and microorganisms: ozonolysis and oxidation. These reactions consist essentially of the assignment by Ozone of its third oxygen atom to the positively charged particles, counteracting the static electricity.
This is another property of Ozone, which helps regenerate damaged environments that our body is forced to endure.
Eco Lodge in Peninsula Valdes - AIR QUALITY

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