Radiant floor in Puerto Piramides Peninsula Valdes

Temperate flats

radiant floor in Eco Hotel Peninsula Valdes

"The even heat creates a pleasant
feeling of comfort in every room of the

Del Nomade Eco Hotel was awarded with the first prize in the first contest of green hotels in Argentina, a recognition that excites us and puts us at the forefront of something that in the future we hope to be common. The conscious use of nonrenewable resources and the use of sustainable technologies puts us in a place of respect for the planet.
Floor heating not only provides a healthy and comfortable climate, also enables direct contact with the floor. Comfort is not the same in a room at  22 ° C ambient temperature with a floor at 15 ° C for one to 25/27 ° C. The even heat creates a pleasant feeling of comfort in every room of the house. The premise is that a heating system should provide 22/25 ° C at the foot and 19/21 ° C at the head.
Only underfloor heating satisfactorily and efficiently meets this high comfort set point. Floor heating avoids consuming energy heating unusable environment sectors, such as air mass existing above two meters. Convection heating from radiators and heaters can not do this and to provide equivalent  comfort, consume at least 20% more energy. At higher ceiling height, the difference is magnified.

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