Right Whale Feeding Behavior

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The diet consists mainly of krill. They also eat larvae of various invertebrates, fish larvae, and sea- floor organisms. While for many years it was believed that breeding whales fasted, today, thanks to the observations made by the captains of whale watching boats and by analyzing stool samples, it has been found that while in the Gulfs of the Valdes Peninsula, whales feed on zooplankton (lobster larva), copepods and krill species present in the area) as well as sea floor organisms.
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The maximum depth recorded for this species is 184 ms. Maximum apnoea recorded 50 minutes at feeding areas (in the mating area dives rarely exceed 10 minutes). Unlike the dolphins which are toothed whales (have teeth) whales belong to the suborder of baleen whales, comprising few large species, the largest of which is the Blue Whale which can measure more than 30 meters long. The whales differ from other cetaceans in several ways, but the most obvious difference is that they have no teeth but baleens plates. Baleen is a flexible material called keratin (the same material of our nails and hair), with the outer edge smooth, and the inner in frayed fibers like a horse’s mane.
Right Whale In Puerto Piramides
The baleen plates hang from the upper jaw and are excellent for filtering food out of seawater. The Southern Right Whale has between 220 and 260 baleen spread on both sides of the upper jaw. The central ones can measure up to 1.80 meters long.
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