A Life Among Whales - A film for this Whale Watching Season

A Life Among Whales - A film for this Whale Watching SeasonA Life Among Whales is a film based on the work of Roger Paine, a pioneer in the study of whales. Much of his work, made ​​here at Valdes Peninsula. The last time he was in the area, was the guest of our Eco Hotel. If you are interested in whales, you have to watch this film, here we present the Trailer.
 At the Lodge we give to Roger Payne "SOS tu destino" a photo taken by Alejandro Avampini, documentary photographer and owner of Del Nomade Eco Hotel.
RogerPaine, our guess in the Whale Watching Season Dr. Payne discovered that following the lives of individuals, could learn much more about the whales of what was known from dead animals, as they can make population census, and specific information on various aspects of their behavior throughout their lives. This research carries on today in Valdes Peninsula, the Whale Conservation Institute (ICB). Just above each eye there is a callosity that is referred to as the eyebrow. At the extreme end of the whale’s “snout” is the largest of the callosities known as the bonnet. Along the upper jaw the callosities tend to be less continuous with this species, when compared to its counterpart, the Northern Right Whale. Frequently callosities will be present along the upper edge of the lower “lips”. Their eyes are incredibly expressive and in my experience diving with them one can experience an unforgettable level of communication, through visual contact, full of simplicity and wisdom.
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