Whales Rally between Puerto Madryn and Puerto Piramides

Every year the Association of Classic Cars Pto. Madryn organizes the Whale´s Rally with historic cars. An event that takes place in July or August. They are sponsored by  Tourism Secretary of Puerto Madryn.
3° “Rally de las Ballenas” Puerto Madryn - Puerto Pirámides - Puerto Madryn
The cars seen at this event, take the imagination to a past where the technology was rather more basic but no longer amazing. The vehicles usually amazing. They look as if they were zero kilometer, they are with the original parts and colors, many decades later, some are beginning 1900.
The race is a test of regularity that leaves and returns to Puerto Madryn, passing through Puerto Pyramids. A few hours after enjoying Whales bay, return to the route back. Many times the weather allows participants to relax and live an unforgettable experience,
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