Punta Tombo – An amazing achievement in conservationism made possible by a pioneering family.

Pingüino en Punta Tombo The Nature Reserve at Punta Tombo is an achievement in the long term protection of nature and the biological resources of the region made possible by the owners of the “La Perla” estancia. This family, descendants of earlier pioneers, donated part of their land so that it will remain protected and shared with the public and future generations. mapa de Punta Tombo The story of this piece of land has its origens in 1896, when Luis La Regina arrived in Argentina from Sicilia Italy at the age of 13, prepared to work and carve out a future for himself. In 1899, at the age of 16, he purchased a group of sheep to raise in open pasture and not long after, in 1903 he became the manager of an estancia not far from where his family now lives. Punta Tombo - Un logro de la conservación de la Mano de una familia de Pioneros
In 1929, with a deep passion for this land, the fruits of his labor allowed him to purchase what is now the Estancia “La Perla”. His respect and love for this land was passed down to his own children and awoke in them the idea of donating a portion of their land, that was already becoming a tourist attraction due to the incredible number of penguins. The area donated is precisely the area known today as the penguin colony of Punta Tombo and as of 1972 the government has taken over in the maintenance, care and protection of this unique site for public enjoyment and education.
Punta Tombo - Un logro de la conservación de la Mano de una familia de Pioneros
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