Elephant Seals by numbers in Valdes Peninsula

According to the information provided by the province about Punta Delgada, there are 500 harems of elephant seals along the 200 km of Peninsula Valdes Coast. The females goes from 2 up 130 per harem. Only the %14 is representated by dominant males, registering a maximun of 15 mating per day per elephant seal. Another surprising data is that %73 of births occur during the night and the new born mortality index is %4.4.
Males can weigh up to 4 tons, 8 times more than a sea lion, and females can weigh up to 900 kg. Mothers lose around 13 kg per day while feeding their babies that increase 4 kg per day.
The can do continious divings, for a long period of time and depth, during night and day and their aptitude for diving improves with the age rising more than 1500 mts of depth. Concerning to distances, it has been registered 11500 km crossed in one year.
While the elephant seal is swimming, usually stays 2 minutes in surface and can stay up to 90 minutes diving without breathing, that is the reason with they spend %80 of their lifes under water.
Elephants seals in Valdes Peninsula
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