Photograph Nature in Valdes Peninsula... a great deal!

Photograph Nature in Peninsula Valdes, a great deal!
Photograph Nature in Valdes Peninsula
For a nature photographer doing photos at Valdes Peninsula is a gift, every corner, every moment is charmed. The geography, the sunsets, the outdoor activities are always suitable for the perfect camera shoot. Clearly to catch wildlife images is the most difficult part, because we must know how to wait the right moment, right place and right animal. Photograph Nature in Peninsula ValdesThe panoramic views from the cliffs,or from the beaches, from the "restingas" (tip or tongue of sedimentary platforms) or from the dunes are some of the alternatives that allow the photographer catch the moment that shows the majesty of this piece of the world. At the same moment we have the oportunity as spectator to conteplate the surrounding nature, renew energy by breathing pure air from the seaside. Photograph Nature in Peninsula Valdes... a great deal!
One of the reasons why we look for a photo is the desire of keep a moment that represents an experiencie and the chance to shared the emotions, feelings and sensations represented by that moment with the others, ... a way to explain those things that can´t be explained by words. One image combines colours, shapes, and expresions from an only moment. It is also a way to make poetry, an art that today can be reached for anybody that has a digital camera and want to immortalize a certain moment through an image. Photograph Nature Patagonia ArgentinaIf you feel tempted to take photos in this Natural Area, Puerto Piramides is the right place and if you wish to come this whales or orcas season and want to stay in Del Nomade Eco Hotel¡You can apply coupon on the online booking form. And will access promotion! Do not hesitate to e mail us delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar. We want you to know that we make free bookings arrangements for boat trips (betweeen other activities) and any other service you may need (rent a car, transfers, etc). Photograph Nature in Peninsula Valdes sea lions If you have any doubt you can take a look to our Guest Book.
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