The only Service Station in Valdes Peninsula – Puerto Piramides

Service Station in Valdes Peninsula Puerto Piramides
Within the entire Valdes Peninsula there is just one service station where fuel can be purchased, located in Puerto Piramides approximately 300 meters from the entrance to our small town, along the right hand side of the main avenue. In the nearby cities of Puerto Madryn, Trelew and along the Nacional Highway 3, there are various options for fueling up, but within the Nature Reserve, only one.
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Valdes Peninsula Road trips
To make a short tour of Valdes Peninsula, from the entrance to the park and back again is a minimum of 200km. Keep in mind that it is best to fill your tank before venturing into the gravels road, and especially if you will be returning to Puerto Madryn or Trelew at the end of the day. Once along the gravel road that leads to Punta Norte, Punta Delgada or Caleta Valdes there are is no access to fuel, for this reason it is recommended filling up in Puerto Piramides.Valdes Peninsula Road trips
Always remember to travel carefully and to respect road signs and transit information to enjoy your tour without any setbacks. The local wildlife can and probably will cross the road without warning. Be attentive, respect wildlife and appreciate this adventure with time on your side. This amazing wildlife paradise allows you to feel an integral participant, especially if you allow yourself to travel with the natural rhythm of your surroundings.Hotel in Puerto Piramides Peninsula Valdes
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