The whales began to arrive at Valdés Peninsula and this is all you have to know if you plan to come

Whale tail in Valdes peninsula

The whale watching begins in Valdes Peninsula. Here I tell you prices, even when they are, they do. Where to sleep, eat, offers, promotions, and other tips to have one of the closest experiences possible with these huge cetaceans, which reach to measure 16 meters long and weigh 40 tons.
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Avistaje de ballenas Peninsula Valdes

The 17 of June of 2017 officially begin the whale watching embarked from Puerto Piramides, unique port enabled for this excursion in Valdes Peninsula. A tourist village with Hotels, Inns, Rental Houses, and Hostels. Only 500 inhabitants in the heart of one of the most important Natural Reserves in South America. Recognized as Heritage of Humidity by UNESCO since 1999.

 Puerto Madryn, located outside the protected area, has a remarkable hotel infrastructure and the comfort that a city of 85,000 inhabitants can offer. Hotels of all categories, cabins, hostels, apartments. The gastronomy of the place is very varied and attractive, so much so that annually organize a week-long event called Madryn al Plato (Madryn on the Plate), where renowned chefs from all over Argentina meet.

Whale Jump in Valdes Peninsula

At the launch, on June 17, the entrance to the Península Valdes Reserve will be free of charge and the company Peke Sosa will make a 50% discount on its outings for the residents of the region Virch Valdés, which are the towns of Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Rawson, Dolavon and Gaiman who will be present, exhibiting the products and services of the region in different stands, specially prepared for the day of the event. Also at the headquarters of the Association of Whale Guides, there will be photographic samples and talks on the subject. To warm up in Puerto Madryn will inaugurate the first bike of 6km and as of June 15, will be held the provincial meeting of tourist informants that will end on Saturday with the opening of the sighting season.

Whale Tail Black and White sunset

Whale watching is highlighted by specialized documentaries such as National Geographics or Discovery Channel that ponder Valdes Peninsula, as the best place in the world to carry out this adventure, the season arrives until mid-December, when the last whales,  but the maximum peak is between the middle of August and the end of October. The regular departures to see whales embarked, depend on each company, it is convenient to be at least 30 minutes before.

Avistajes de ballenas Peninsula Valdes

The departure times of the boats start from 10 AM until 4:30 PM. As of September, some companies add two departures one at8 AM and another at 6 PM. Prices are based on the age of the passenger and if the season is low or high:
Until August 31
  • $ 2000 senior 
  • $ 1000 under 12 years 
  • Under 5 years free of charge
After September 1
  • $ 2750 senior 
  • $ 1300 under 12 years 
  • Under 5 years free of charge
As for the price of the Yellow Submarine, the semi-submersible that allows you to see the whales from underwater prices are:
Until August 31
  • $ 4000 senior 
  • $ 2000 under 12 years 
  • Under 3 years free of charge
After September 1
  • $ 4800 senior 
  • $ 2400 under 12 years 
  • Under 3 years free of charge
Rates expressed in Argentine pesos with taxes included and subject to change without prior notice.

Coastal Sightings El Doradillo BeachCoastal sightings can be done all over the coast of Peninsula Valdes, but at El Doradillo beach 15 km from Puerto Madryn, the approach is too treacherous, does not bother them or anything, but the contact is so close that it does not I can think of another term. A few meters from the coast, it is possible to see dozens of whales swimming quietly. Mothers with their offspring born this year, teach her how to behave at sea. Thanks to the calm waters of this sector of the Golfo Nuevo, the whales learn to breathe and swim and to play as well. It is important to note that there are no buses to reach this beach, you can only access with your own vehicle or excursions.