National Geographic - Orcas - Posts 4

National Geographic Killing´School Orca attack backstage
orca attack in Punta Norte Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina
orca attack in Punta Norte Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina
National Geographic watching the orca attack in Punta Norte
The second day was also really interesting, the high tide were at early morning, so they left from the Eco-Lodge really early, fortunately the Orcas were there, the recorded 7 intentional stranding. A long way must be crossed to get to the orcas attack area. The National Geographic crew had the chance to film different situations, as failed attacks from different angles, and young orcas behaviour being teached by their moms how to reach the coast following the small sea lions.
The third day was similar, the had great and very useful opportunities, increasing by this way the time of good recordings. Orcas can be seen in Punta Norte, only at this season, and they are definetely amazing.
Nobody believed how lucky the were, cause the got too much time of filming ... no clue they got an invaluable material!!!
In the photos you can see a relaxed Doug after a wonderfull day checking his e mails through his laptop and WIFI conection in our Eco Logde, in Patagonia Argentina.
Orcas killer whale Season Punta Norte, Penguin Season in Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina Whale Watching Season in Puerto Piramides