SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALE - The evolution of a comercial point of view for our "Natural resource"

SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALE The evolutionThe Southern Right Whale is a hot blood being that has been under the natural resources industrialization effects. For many yeasr whales, sea lions and some other species were hunted by humans to use their fat to be disolved until get oil to make candles and to put it on the lights, illuminating by this way the houses and streets of Europe and Colonies from all around the world. Also fat was used for cosmetic purposes.

SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALE The evolutionIts beards, that whales and other misticetos use in the krill filtration process, were processed to make umbrellas, corsets and other massive products. The population estimated before the massive whale hunting, was more than 50.000 Southern Right Whales.
After the petroleum, gas and electricity discovery, these mammals were little by little less indispensable for the industry. Many species did not survey to the market voracity, one of that was the Basque Whale, a kind of whale that used to live in the Cantabric Sea, in Northe Spain.

SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALE The evolutionIn 1937, when whales were only hundreds, right after the International Regulation of Whales Hunting Agreement, the Southern Right Whale was declared under total protection. From that moment the recovery of the specie was slow but maintained. In 1984 it was declared National Natural Monument in Argentina.

Thanks to the nowadays vision and consciousness , the Southern Right Whale is visited in Peninsula Valdes by thounsands of tourists, who do whale watching tours or enjoy it from the coast. People percibe these criatures from different eyes, as a part of our small and fragile planet. Is positive to enjoy a photo of a whale like a memory instead of have an umbrella in case of rain. The evolution is coming.

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