Marine Mammals - False Killer Whale

False Orca in Peninsula Valdes

A year ago a volcano called Chaiten in Chile released a dense gas cloud of 25 kilometers of height, along the days the wind diluted it and took it to the east taking the ashes above the Patagonia Argentina, and even more far reaching Africa. In the coasts of Chubut, exactly in Puerto Piramides Bay at the Golfo Nuevo plenty of that weird atmosphere, showed up a group of 150 False killer whales (Pseudorca Crassidens) and Bottled Nose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus) being this an unusual event. The group had mothers, calves of both species that were swimming in circles with no direction.

False killer whale in Peninsula Valdes

The False Killer Whale, is not a very known specie, and it was observed in Peninsula Valdes for first time. One of the theories that make us understand those unusual events, was that these incredibles cetaceans from the dolphin family use the eco localization and the land magnetism as a way guide their daily lifes.
The big cloud was covering beyond the horizon at any direction, containing large amounts of quartz and other minerals that could affect the biological dolphins and killer whales radars, making by this way the navigation difficult.

False Orca in Peninsula ValdesDays ago, talking and looking the photos with a National Geographic producer, Doug Bertran, he said that he saw false killer whales once and it was in California more than 10 years ago, during a volcan activity. That gives more credit to a magnetic theory of navigation.
Luckily for the beginning of the fifth day we did not see falses orcas anymore, and fortunately no dolphins or false killer whales beached.

False Killer Whale in Peninsula ValdesFalse Killer Whales are often found in Zebu Island (Philippines), in the coast of Australia, the Oriental Caribbean, and Hawaii.
We want to thank to Pablo Passera, an expert kayak guide who came to the Eco Lodge to invite us to row, and we had the chance to stay in the water floating near the cetacean group it was an unique and unforgettable experience.
In this post we share a video made with the False killer whales by Segundo Cerrato and Daniel Casielles better known as "El Pulpo"....don't miss it!!!

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