Willie Benegas from Peninsula to the Everest

Willie Benegas from Valdes Peninsula to the EverestGuillermo "Willie" Benegas were visiting Peninsula Valdes, his twin brother Damian who has just climber the highest mountain in Bali, while Willie is trainning to reach the Everest in September. Both are hight mountain Guides and belongs to the North Face Team and are world known as Patagonian Brothers.Willie Benegas from Valdes Peninsula to the EverestWillie, kind and friendly as always, is considered by his colleagues as a great companion in extreme situations. Other guides in Everest said that he is the first volunteer for rescues higher than 7.000 mts. Willie gave us a photo, touching the clouds next to his twin brother Damian.

He stayed in Peninsula Valdes just for few days and stop by our Eco hotel with her mother and sister Sofia. Rafa benegas, the older brother is the owner of one of the Whale Watching Companies: Hydrosport. Alex lives in Puerto Madryn with his mother, Juan owns a diving company in Puerto Pirámides and Sofía and her husband Pablo Passera work and managed for their Kayak and Trekking company "Patagonia Explorers".
Few years ago when the twins were in the region we did an unforgettable 3 days kayak expetition .

Willie Benegas from Valdes Peninsula to the EverestWillie took somo photography advices from Alejandro Avampini , the Eco Hotel owner. We are looking forward to hear from Willie and he send us some photos from his next expeditions
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