Our Guests - Enjoying Pirámides

Mariana & Diego came from Buenos Aires, and they spent some days in Puerto Piramides, and stayed at our Eco Hotel.

From The beginning there were fascinated with the sunsets, cliffs, the sea lions and more than anything...with the whales. They saw them from the coast, from the boat and during the night the listened the big whales from the beach and also from their room!

Was nice to see Mariana & Diego so mad about the whales, and very funny so listen to Diego featuring whales sounds the morning after the listened for the first time the whales at night.

Mariana, since their arriving, has shown her interest in every activitie and she went with Diego to dive with sea lions, this time she prefered to be photographer and enjoy seeing Diego between the friendly sea lions.

Here you can see some photos. Many thanks for share your experience and good vibes with us guys! Hurry back!! ;)
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