The pinguin, Valdes Peninsula dive master

The penguin, this elegant bird of the southern seas, walking on the coast, his suit looks bicolor with refinement and height. Walk very proud between nests and bushes, as one who knows that an outfit looks really valuable.

The pinguin, Valdes Peninsula  dive master

 The thought that 5 months at a live at sea, crossing the ocean Atlantic Coast to the area of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, suggests that this plumage is a real suit ... but a wet suit!

The pinguin, Valdes Peninsula  dive master

That is the reason why he spends so much time fixing its feathers. Working permanently in their maintenance. This seabird has a gland very near the anus, called preen, and they checked with peak oil to waterproof their feathers applied with great patience, making his waterproof suit alwais new.
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