Casin Hector ,documentary´s Overseer in Valdes Peninsula

Hector "El Turco" Casin, is undoubtedly the overseer par excellence of the province of Chubut. 20 years of work accompanying scientific films,nature photographers and documentary filmmakers from around the world confirm this.

Just worked with all the great productions of nature and wildlife that were attracted by this natural paradise. National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC, Animal Planet, to name a well-known by all, also worked on productions from France, Italy, Germany, Japan like NHK or TBS and where they have come to Valdes Peninsula and every natural corner in Chubut province, to film and photograph. Not just once but several! Due to technological progress and the overcoming of the chambers the channels are forced to repeat the logistics every few years with new equipment.

His function is to limit the proximity between humans and animals, to minimize the impact on animal behavior. In the Punta Norte attackchannel, controls that photographers or documentary, do not exceed the proximity to the seal colony, or do not stick out too high in the bunker to avoid altering the behavior of sea lions.
Casin Hector ,documentary´s Overseer in  Valdes PeninsulaWhen the work is oriented to film whales both above and below water, he is who chooses to interact with that animal, preventing mothers with calves,looking for more friendly behavior.
In this final season of Orcas, Hector, was the overseer of the documentary, Andrew, Dario Bonetti and Alexander Avampini, owner of the Eco Lodge, in the Punta Norte attack channel.

Anticipating always with that sixth sense given by experience, time and place of attack, so that the photographers and documentalist can prepare and focus their lenses on the site presise.

Despite having been present at key moments we know wildlife of ValdesPeninsula, rarely could he photograph those unique events that do not last more than an unrepeatable moment. A few years ago was able to give him a camera and made this incredible image of the Orca Mel capturing a sea lion.
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