Ecological Holiday in Peninsula Valdes Argentine Patagonia

holiday inside the reserve Peninsula Valdes Wildlife and nature In a conscious effort to minimize the environmental impact, we use solar energy and water recycling technologies. Solar panels assist in the hotel’s heating system and for hot water. Eco Lodge concept. Undoubtedly the best facilities and service of Puerto Piramides.  We offer special rates for groups and for 2 or more nights stays.
Valdes Peninsula whale watching and marine mammals

Thanks to humanities slow acquisition of environmental consciousness and after having nearly reached extinction, the Southern Right Whale is on the road to sustainable recovery. With this in mind, their future is still quite fragile and their long-term survival is in our hands. The exponential increase and popularity of ecotourism in the region, such as whale watching, offers hope to this species in danger of extinction. Commercially on the rise since the 1970s, whale watching has created conflicts of interest amongst different countries, though little by little whales are ceasing to be pursued as an industrial resource and moving back into a place of respect, where they belong.

Summer or winter holidays in Peninsula Valdes

Gratefully thank the Green Project, for the promotion that they dedicated, whose priority is to maintain the balance between nature and the tourists who want to enjoy it.

Holiday unforgettable in Valdes Peninsula

If you decide to come, feel free to contact us to receive our promotional rates in Del Nómade Eco Hotel Puerto Piramides for this whale watching season or orcas season. We know Valdes Peninsula, the places, the activities cause we live here!. Our e-mail is, we will be glad to answer all you doubts! You can use our Booking On Line


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