Marine Mammals - Basic Differences

Elephant seal in Valdes Peninsula

Whales and other marine animals are mammals. It is believed for more than 60 million years ago marine mammals were land mammals and had to adapt to the sea for lack of food on earth, or some other source of vital importance.
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Cetaceans can be divided into:
Odontocetes (with teeth) than are dolphins, orcas, narwhals, belugas, sperm whales.

Sea lion underwater in Valdes Peninsula
orca in Valdes Peninsuladolphin in Valdes Peninsula Patagonia

Baleen whales like humpback whales, and southern right whale, among others.

Humpback whale in Dominican Republic

Right Whale in Valdes Peninsula

In the pictures you can see the mouth and the beard of the southern right whale, all of which used to filter krill and plankton that serves as food, once it fills the mouth of these organisms along with the salt water that contains, the tongue pushes the aqueous volume and beards retain krill or plankton, letting the water.

right whale in Valdes Peninsula
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