Right Whales, their distribution on the planet. Maps and Valdes Peninsula Wildlife calendar

whale underwater photo in Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina

The Southern Right Whale has a large space where the ocean circulates throughout his life. The whales are born in the Golf Nuevo and San José do not necessarily return every year to the area of  Valdes Peninsula. They have well defined areas for their autumn migration and summer.

whale  photo in a whale watching trip in Valdes Peninsula Patagonia Argentina

They travel thousands of miles in each migration. In the autumn, they move to the north, is the breeding season, up to parallel 20, further north which are often some groups is on the coast of Brazil in South America and between Mozambique and the island of Madagascar in Africa. They are also found in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
whale distribution map

By means of sensors made by the ICB (Whale Conservation Institute) estimates that in the winter-spring season of  Valdes Peninsula reach more than 600 whales, the largest concentration of whales of this species in breeding areas. The calm waters of the Nuevo and San José gulfs, you are very attractive to whales when learning to breathe, it is also interesting to whales suitable for mating.

map from Valdes Peninsula

Arriving in December the whales begin their retreat into the feed zone which is in the pararel 55 approximately, where the water temperature in summer in the subantarctic region rises and leads to the proliferation of krill, the main food of these whales.
calendar fauna Valdes Peninsula

Here we post a Calendar about the Fauna of Valdes Peninsula, choosing to go far to visit this beautiful destination.
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