Punta Tombo - Penguin in Action in Patagonia

penguin in Patagonia Punta Tombo

The Penguin is a diver sea bird, with hydrodynamic body the reproduction is on the ground and feeds into the sea. It has reduced feather-like scales and wings which are useless for flying, were modified by changes in fins.
This bird spends much of his life at sea, without going to ground, feeding. Swimming comes from Patagonia to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and then in the months of breeding meet again with the partner in Punta Tombo colony or in Valdes Peninsula, in the same nest that they left the year before.
Punta Tombo, the continental penguin colony largest in the planet, gather around a million Magellanic penguins between September and April. It is a provincial reserve, established in 1979 to protect this bird of human greed, this place was the scene of one of the first conservation´s battles of Patagonia. The road access is very accessible and is located 110 km from the city of Trelew and 180 km  Puerto Madryn  (city of 100,000 inhabitants).

penguin in Patagonia Punta Tombo

Punta Tombo is one of the most famous places of the sea coast of Patagonia Argentina and it is a Peninsula projecting 3.5 km into the sea into the sea with a small slope, consisting of pebbles and fine sand covering a cristaline rock outcrop, attractive features for those penguin who need nest to lay and incubating the eggs and raise the chicks.

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