White Whale, a peculiarity on the Whale watching tours in Puerto Pirámides

White Whale, a peculiarity on the Whale watching toursThe white whale it’s a nature’s rareness. Just like in others species, there are some whales born with their skin white instead of black because of the lack of pigmentation. It’s not very common to see them during a whale watching in Puerto Pirámides, but it is probably that a couple of this peculiar white whales born every year.

White Whale, a peculiarity on the Whale watching tours
Their behavior it’s just the same as any other whale: they jump, feed of its mother and show us their tail! This year, in November, we could see one of them around Valdes Peninsula waters. Luis Pettite, photographer, shared with us this photos, and we share them with all the followers of the Eco Lodge’s blog.

 Whale watching tours White WhaleThe difference between this albinism and another animal’s albinism, it’s that in whales tends to disappear in their first years of life. While the years go by, their skin begins to get darker, going from white to grey, and finally black. As you can see in the top image, this white whale is son of a young white female whale who hasn’t get her skin dark yet.

Whale watching tours White Whale
If you see one of these whales underwater, they seem to be green, because of the water’s transparency.