Whale watching in Peninsula Valdes, main tourism attraction

Whale Watching Puerto Madryn allways come to Puerto Piramides to whale watching

                      Whale watching in Peninsula Valdes

Whale Watching.Yes again an article about the top attraction of Valdes Peninsula. It´s easy to write about an event impressivhe and attractive like this. Nature gives us new experiences every day with the whales and we love sharing them with virtual visitors that come to our day by day reality with a little imagination, our daily experience in Puerto Piramides.
 Whale Jump in Puerto Piramides
The photographs help us to transmit the experience and move yor perception to the Patagonia Argentina, the corners of a world that tries to preserve nature and its members. Right there we are, offering a place to relax in connection with the immensity that surrounds us.
Whale watching in Patagonia
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. If you wish, we can assist you about whale watching schedule, rates, and we can book you seats without additional charge, just feel free to contact us delnomade@ecohosteria.com.ar, and we also can help you and giving you all the information about transfers, rent a car, adventures activities as kayak, trekking, diving, and Mountain Bike.
 Whale Watching from Puerto Madryn to Puerto Piramides

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