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Argentinian Photographers in Punta Norte attack channel

Photographers that want to take pictures of Orcas, need to have patience. Punta Norte is a meeting place for photographers, whose all season go between the end of february till middle april, to try again to take the most wanted picture: one of the orca doing the intentional stranding when it hunt one sea lion.
Argentinian Photographers in Punta Norte attack channel

ANDRÉS BONETTI had been there before this place turn into a tourist point near 1992.

Argentinian Photographers in Punta Norte attack channel
DARIO BONETTI, Andres oldest son,is following dad steps but with his cinecamara.
He is a multimedia designer and he use to film nature and wildlife from Patagonia.
The first time he went to Punta Norte attack channel to film was a couple of years ago.
He had taken really amazing images that day with his cinecamara: eleven Orcas were doing the intentional stranding on Punta Norte beach,a practice behavior, something never sight and also never registered! It was like a welcome gift for this new documentalist.

He has already made his first DVD of Península Valdés and Punta Tombo. Congratulations!

Argentinian Photographers in Punta Norte attack channelArgentinian Photographers in Punta Norte attack channelAnother important photographer is GABRIEL ROJO, who has been visiting the attack channel for last twelve years. Their works are seen on different magazines like National Geographic (Mexico), BBC Wildlife Magazine (United Kingdom), Fotomundo and books of scientific diffusion.

Argentinian Photographers in Punta Norte attack channel
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