Peninsula Valdes WIildlife Calendar

Not all the animals in Valdes Peninsula, have the same reproductive or feeding cycle. Some need the heat of summer, others the cold, calm winter, and some are with us all year round.
What animals will you see? 
Whales, Sea Lions, Elephants seals, Orcas, and Dolphins

Peninsula Valdes WIildlife Calendar

Peninsula Valdes Wildlife Calendar

Peninsula Valdes WIildlife Calendar Elephant seal
ATTENTION: If visiting at the beginning or end of a species season, there is a possibility that you can’t see a specimen - the animals do not keep an exact timetable. Keep this in mind especially with the orcas, which depend exclusively on good weather, with little wind and high tides. RECOMMENDATIONS: Observe wildlife from a distance, not follow or approach the animals. Never feed wildlife, you will be damaging the health of the animals and alter their natural behaviour. Leave what you find, rocks, plants and other natural objects in the same state and place where you found it.
REMEMBER: In wilderness areas, radios, recorders, loud musical instruments, and loud voices, are out of place. Also, if you are quiet and careful in these areas, you will have more chance of seeing wildlife, and witnessing the unique behaviour of each species. If you wish, we can assist you about whale watching schedule, rates, and we can book you seats without additional charge, just feel free to contact us and we also can help you and giving you all the information about transfers, rent a car, adventures activities as kayak, trekking, diving, and Mountain Bike.
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