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Right Whale and how the calf receives the mother’s milk

Right Whale and  how the calf receives the mother’s milk

Even though everything happens underwater, in whale watching trips from Puerto Piramides, the capital for the activity in Argentina, you can see how the calf receives the mother’s milk. Although a mammal, unlike most other mammals, including ourselves, where the young actively suckle at the mother’s teat, the female whale expresses her milk to her calf.

Right Whale and  how the calf receives the mother’s milk

The mother slightly lifts her caudal fin, while the calf is submerged and is approached obliquely in the belly. Whilst the calf is feeding, usually, all that can be seen is a small fin or even just a swirl in the water.
While we do not know for sure, it is estimated that whales can live for about 60 years, although there is speculation that individuals could achieve the age of 100, although this is, as yet, unproven.
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